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The DG series has basically the same features as the the DS series – the difference being one of design and materials.

The DG Series can both inject and extract air. The unit does not start injection before the panel can deliver the desired temperature. This ensures that no cold air is blown into the house. When extracting the Airheater has a cooling function if desired. The Airheater comes with a wireless thermostat that automatically keeps the desired temperature and ventilates when it’s hot.

The DG Serie is available in two models:

DG1 measures: 70 x 75 x 8 cm and is suitable for up to 40 m2.

DG2 measures: 70 x 150 x 8 cm and is suitable for up to 70 m2.

Both models are made of a composite frame and a glass front plate. Middle plates of polycarbonate and heat absorbing back plate. The frame and back plate are insulated against heat loss. 2 fans.

The DG serie is recommended for summer cottages and permanent homes.

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DG series