DS SP 280

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DS SP 280 is a high efficiency mono-crystalline solar module with 96 high efficiency solar cells. The panel which has an efficiency of 18.5% is very robust and tested to work under all possible weather conditions. Under optimal conditions, these panels will provide an output fare above market average.

Elegant and unique black design

This module has a homogeneous black design, and is an ideal solution for customers who besides high output level also focus on esthetics and arhitectural integration. All mounting rails and brackets are black by default.

25 years performance guarantee

DanSolar guarantees an output effi ciency >90% by year 10 of production and 80% by year 25. Product warranty on the craftsmanship is 14 years.

The expected lifespan of the panels are 30-40 years.

Download datasheet.

DS SP 280