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Solar energy is one of the world's cleanest and most natural forms of energy. A photovoltaic system produces green, environmentally friendly power - and at the same time, solar cells are tangible proof of active work with sustainability and the environment in companies and businesses.

Solar cells strengthen the green profile

Companies that want a green profile can use solar cells to send a clear signal about their commitment to climate and the environment - both internally to employees and externally to customers, business partners and others. In this way, solar cells can help strengthen your CSR profile.

In addition to visibility, solar cells naturally help to ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions and can be a very sensible investment for some businesses.

Which companies should invest in a solar cell system?

Most companies that can utilise some of their own electricity production can make a good business case for investing in a solar PV system. It is not economically viable to set up a system with the aim of selling all the electricity. In addition, a suitable south-facing roof area must be available for the system, but east/west roofs and flat roofs are also very suitable. It is also attractive to set up a field plant with racks on the ground.

The system must be able to be connected to the company's current electricity supply in order to utilise balanced metering (electricity is consumed as it is produced).

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