With DanSolar as your solar supplier

When you buy a complete solar system with DanSolar as your supplier, DanSolar take great pride to ensure that the process is clearly agreed throughout, and that you are 100% aware of what is happening and when. Alignment of expectations is important for all parties.

At DanSolar, we have been installing PV systems for many years, but for you, this may be the first time, so never hesitate to ask questions, DanSolar is dedicated to provide the best service we can, throughout the process.

Below you can see a timeline of how a process often works. Not two solar projects are the same, and therefore the process is also individual from project to project, but the below timeline gives you a very good overview of the process as it usually is.

We look forward to delivering solar PV systems to you ☀️.

The start-to-finish process in getting a PV system

  • In a face-to-face meeting, a phone call or video conference, we'll work together to identify your needs and the possibilities of your premisis.
  • Once your needs have been identified, DanSolar presents to you a price and an overview of the finances for your solar cell project.
  • You approve the project / price.
  • You as a DanSolar customer are given a date when we will come and set up your PV system, where we also inform and agree on the practicalities.
  • DanSolar initiates; procurement, installer team, logistics, packaging, transport for your project, and therefore there is a partial payment at this point.
  • DanSolar provides all installation on the DC side. This means that your own electrician will take care of the AC side, i.e. preparing the switchboard to receive electricity from the PV system. DanSolar is happy to help the electrician with filling out paperwork for the electricity company if desired.
  • DanSolar's team of installers will set up the PV system according to the agreement and commission it in collaboration with the electrician.
  • DanSolar tests the system, - are things running smoothly? DanSolar offers to connect to your PV system so that DanSolar can access the PV system. You must authorise us to gain access.
  • The remaining fixed part of the project is invoiced, as well as any additional costs for e.g. cable and transport according to actual consumption.
  • Once the electrician has connected the system under 125kW, it can be connected immediately. If the system is over 125kW, the grid company must approve first.
  • After your PV system has been running for a while, DanSolar accesses the system via the internet and tests whether everything is working correctly.
  • You will be informer of the possibilit to establish a servide agreement on you new PW system.

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