About hybrid panels

What is a hybrid solar panel?

The hybrid panel combines the abilities of a solar panel and an airheater. This means that it can heat water for the household, and produce electrical power at the same time. This combination gives a higher total effect of output per panel. This combination also provides upwards of 20% more produced power.

A traditional solar panel converts approx. 15% of the energy from the sun to power. The remaining energy – most often in the form of heat remains unused. This has a negative effect on the performance of the panel on effect and lifetime. In the combination on the hybrid panel, the energy is used for the heating of water on the back of the panel.

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The hybrid solar panel can be combined with other well-known sustainable energy solutions i.e. a heat pump.

The optimal solution would be to invest in both, as this gives a larger independence from the changing energy prices.

With the correct combination of airheater, solar panel and heat pump, you can be self-sufficient and thereby free of any expenses to heat and power. With a payback period of approx. 8 years it is a very attractive investment.

Watch a film spot about a new business model that includes the hybrid panel (in danish).

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