DanSolar offers complete solar energy solutions in Denmark and abroad. DanSolar is a Danish-owned company founded in 2006. With DanSolar, you get a strong and highly experienced solar cell supplier.

In principle, anyone can buy and sell solar panels, but only a few can configure systems like DanSolar and offer turnkey contracts in connection with the design, setup, assembly and installation of both ordinary systems and solar parks. 

Our goals

DanSolar's purpose is to contribute to the common global goal of reducing the use of fossil fuels, thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate climate change, the consequences of which are already being felt both in Denmark and globally.

Years of experience

We have many years of experience. This gives DanSolar a strong position in today's market, as we have both quality products within technology and design, as well as a wide range of specialised knowledge within all product and customer segments.

In the Danish market, our customers include housing associations, the public sector, businesses and agriculture.

In the long term, Denmark must be independent of fossil energy sources, and since the operation of buildings accounts for approx. 40% of the total energy consumption in Denmark, it is necessary to have a tight but realistic strategy for both new construction and energy renovation of existing buildings.

Buildings usually have a very long lifespan, which is why long-term solutions and decisions are necessary, and this is where DanSolar's products come in.

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Customer group


Customer group


Customer group


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