DanSolar is currently working on several projects to develop new, innovative products and business models.

An innovative portfolio

DanSolar provides innovative products to a range of projects. These include the DanSolar Hybrid panels combining solar PV panels and thermal energy panels in one panel, and battery solutions and business models for developing countries.

The patented DanSolar AirHeater series provide supplementary heating and better air quality by reducing moist in indoor areas in houses cottages, basements and other areas. An AirHeater uses the rays of the sun to blow warmth into your home and creates a warm healthy indoor climate with low humidity. The AirHeater was patented by DanSolar in 2009.

Roof Renting

DanSolar has developed a roof renting business model. Here larger customers are offered an opportunity to get a green profile and at the same time get payed for installing a solar energy solution. The business model development has focused on the Danish market for large projects. The model allows DanSolar to promote solar installations and aims to make large installations commercially available to customers.

The project is supported by the Danish Government through a grant from the Fund for Green Business Development.

The development of the business model is in the final stage, and has been developed together with and for multiple potential customers.

The AirCooler

Cooling the air with solar energy is an attractive sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioning. The AirCooler is inspired by DanSolar's first product, the AirHeater, developed in 2007 and based on solar energy.

DanSolar has received two grants for the development of the AirCooler - one from CleanTekMidt and one from Innobooster, which is given through Innovation Fund Denmark. The grants have been received for two separate stages of the project.

The Cooling Container

DanSolar is in the early process of developing a solar driven Cooling Container. The container provides cooling capacity for storing up to 10 tons of food at temperatures between +10 to -10 C. One ton of food can be cooled down over 10 hours.

Several uses can stem from this project, among which:

Off the grid Cold storage: While most of the industry using cold storage solution is connected to the national power grid, some enterprises in developing countries may work in conditions which prevents them from having a stable access to power. In this case the Container Cold Storage unit provides the necessary and reliable power solution directly on site and while being off the power grid.

Emergency cold storage unit: Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes leave a trail of devastation, power blackouts and populations in need of food and medical attention. DanSolar’s cold storage containers can be quickly installed in the affected zone and preserve efficiently medical material and emergency food supplies.

Watch a video about the Aircooler:

Development projects

DanSolar has been awarded development grants for promoting trade with developing countries from the Nordic Project Fund and Danida.

DanSolar is grateful for all the grants granted by different funds in support of the company’s development work.