DanSolar with an international perspective

DanSolar sees the future of solar energy not only in its own domestic market, but also in developing countries where we can contribute a competitive advantage in technology, innovation and know-how.

DanSolar has already sold solar installations in Jordan and India, Africa, Cape Verde, Saudi Arabia, etc. The company is also continuing its expansion abroad to become a significant player in the solar industry in Africa.

Interest in the African market

DanSolar's area of โ€‹โ€‹interest is to build a large solar plant in one of the African countries where the sun and the economic conditions are the best.

Currently, DanSolar is making efforts to make important contacts in several African countries and will work on larger projects on the continent to ensure the necessary experience and to cross the cultural gap safely. Many potential partners have expressed great interest in collaborations that could create solar installations of many hundreds of megawatts.

DanSolar has developed several products for the international market and is continuously working on projects to develop new, innovative products and business models. Find more information about our development projects here >>.