About projects for the public sector

DanSolars experience in the public / municipality sector public building and municipalities, installing photovoltaic systems, is a profitable investments.  In addition to significant savings on power consumption, solar cells are an obvious way to achieve the climate goals and CO2 reduction and thus less pollution, that many municipalities and public bodies are working towards.

Most recently, DanSolar delivered a small system with transparent solar panels to Hvidovre Municipality. The solar cells were to be used to cover the entrance to the Civic Centre in Hvidovre, which has undergone a major energy renovation over the past few years. 

Did your municipality not get a share of the 20 MW pool?

DanSolar's newest business model enables municipalities, housing associations and commercial businesses to switch to solar energy and solar thermal outside the 20 MW pool. The municipality makes its roof areas available to DanSolar, which in return pays an annual rent. DanSolar finances the system and is responsible for operation and maintenance during the lifetime of the system. In addition to the financial gain for the municipality, the environment benefits from the CO2 savings that the green transmission will result in.

The business model is supported by the Green Transition Fund under the Danish Business Authority.

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