In collaboration with Brabrand Housing Association, Danfoss and Velux windows, 60 solar cell systems are being established in Tranbjerg near Aarhus.

Brabrand Housing Association wanted to build energy-neutral homes with a focus on good architecture, spacious experiences, great light and utilisation of the sun as an energy source.

The challenge was to find space for heat pumps, solar cells, etc. while preserving the architectural expression. As a solution, a zinc box (prism) was developed to create a beautiful skylight and contain all energy components.

A total of 60 solar cell systems with 8 panels of the DS SP 260 W type have been installed. The inverter from Danfoss is installed in the cavity of the prism.

The systems consist of 8 solar panels of the type DS SP 260 W and are mounted on solar prisms with skylights from Velux.

The Danfoss inverter is installed in the prism cavity.

  • Company/Builder: Brabrand Housing Association
  • Address: Ingerslevvej 1, Tranbjerg
  • Project type: Integrated solar prism
  • Panel type, system size, area: DS SP 260 (DanSolar), 124.8 kWp, 720 m2