Thecustomer wants a greener profile and is taking action on several fronts, including this solar cell system. We are proud to have been chosen as the supplier for this project.

The solar cells are installed on the customer's administration building and we installed everything in 2 days.

The customer realises that human data consumption naturally uses a lot of energy - the customer wants to compensate for the CO2 emissions/pollution it causes by using renewable energy. Of course, also considering that Denmark is one of the countries with the greenest profile in the electricity grid and at the same time a good central location.

  • Company/Builder: Data centre in Høje Taastrup
  • Address: Høje Taastrup Zealand
  • Panel type, system size, area: Leapton 460Wp all black solar panels, ilat 60 panels = 28kWp
  • Project type: The solar cells are mounted on a flat roof facing east/west and with mounting equipment from Renusol
  • The installation also includes an SMA Core1 inverter, which can stand freely on a roof.