Sonnerupgaard Estate on Zealand has installed a large solar cell solution on one of the estate's buildings - what you could call the estate's "engine house".

Sonnerupgaard Manor is a large estate with many buildings and the owner wanted to have an even greener profile and a solar cell system installed on the machine house's eternit roof.

The system is installed in 3 long rows along the entire length of the building.

The system consists of 164 solar panels. It is a 75 kW system including an inverter installed indoors in the engine house. The inverter is set up so that it is easy to access.

  • Company/Builder: Sonnerupgaard Gods Sjælland
  • Address: Tølløsevej 53, 4330 Hvalsø
  • Project type: Roof mounted on an eternit roof
  • Panel type, system size, area: All black solar panels, 75 kW, 164 panels mounted in 3 horizontal rows