The owner of a warehouse decided that part of its energy needs should be covered by green power from solar cells.

So in June, the installation of a 75.4 kWp solar cell system on the roof of the warehouse began.

To maximise production, the solar panels were mounted on an east-west system with light ballast. One of the advantages of this system is that more panels can be placed in a given area, avoiding wasted space with the rows.

The electrical installation company Jan Henriksen A/S, which purchased the system from DanSolar, was responsible for the installation and electrical work.

290 solar panels mounted on an east/west solution.

The electrical installation company Jan Henriksen A/S was responsible for both the installation of the solar cell system and all electrical work.

  • Fitter/installer: Jan Henriksen A/S
  • Address: 8600 Silkeborg
  • Project type: East-west solution for flat roof
  • Panel type, system size, area: DS MS 260 (DanSolar), 75.4 kWp, approx. 500 m2