For the installation of an advanced system at the data centre in Fredericia for one of the world's largest search IT companies, a state-of-the-art solution has been implemented. The solar cell solution deployed has an impressive capacity of 56,880 Watts peak.

To ensure optimal performance and reliability, Bloomberg TIER 1 solar panels have been chosen, which carry an impressive 15-year warranty. This guarantees not only efficiency, but also long-term durability in accordance with the industry's highest standards. Furthermore, the installation is equipped with leading German inverter technology from one of the world's largest and oldest inverter manufacturers. This ensures that the conversion of solar energy into electricity is carried out with high efficiency and reliability.

The mounting system chosen for this installation is K2, known for its technological excellence. Specifically, the system is designed for gentle placement on "soft" flat roofs facing south. This not only ensures optimal utilisation of the solar energy, but also a considerate integration with the existing structure.

This installation represents not only a technological advancement in renewable energy, but also a dedication to providing reliable and sustainable solutions for an industrial behemoth.

  • Company/Builder: Data centre for one of the world's largest IT companies in search
  • Address: Fredericia
  • Project type: K2 mounting system
  • Panel type, system size, area: Blomberg TIER 1 solar panels with 15-year warranty, 56,880 Watt peak, German inverter technology