In collaboration with Ecopark in Aarhus V, DanSolar has built a very special prestige solution with Backside Contact Cells mounted on a roofing felt roof.

The solar panels themselves are top-class luxury solar panels with a completely black surface.

The fact that the solar panels are of the Backside Contact Cells type means that the front appears completely black and glossy with no solar cell pattern visible. The solar cell surface appears as a pure black glass surface.

The solar cells cover an entire roof surface as a beautiful overall solution, where the solar cell solution is visually an extension of the Ecopark building's other architecture and its glass front.

The roof surface is covered with 30 solar cells of 280 Wp and customised solar panels on both sides and at the bottom towards the roof surface.

The solution is very elegant and a solution we at DanSolar are proud to have delivered.

  • Company/Builder: Ecopoark Development Park
  • Address: Bautavej 1A 8210 Aarhus V
  • Project type: Roof-integrated customised solution on a cardboard roof
  • Panel type, system size, area: Backside Contact Cells + Customised solar panels. 280 Wp per solar panel + customised cells