Brabrand Boligforening built a total of 43 low-energy homes in Solbjerg near Aarhus. The goal was to create good, functional and beautiful low-energy homes of high quality both architecturally and in terms of materials. 43 low-energy homes are adorned with 43 individual solar cell systems from DanSolar.

Each home had a 1.8 kW system mounted on the roof using ballast brackets. The panels were designed to cover the power consumption of a heat pump to create a healthy indoor climate with automatic air circulation in all rooms of the home. The systems are mounted on ballast consoles on the flat roofs of the homes.

DanSolar supplied both solar panels, inverters and the associated mounting system. The panels are monocrystalline panels of the DS SP 260W type. In 2011, the building was named "Building of the Year" by Magasinet Byggeri.

The building has been named "Building of the Year" by Magasinet Byggeri.

  • Company/Builder: Brabrand Boligforening
  • Address: Pilevangen , Solbjerg
  • Project type: Console solution with ballast
  • Panel type, system size, area: DS SP 260 (DanSolar), 85.6 kWp, 520 m2